Monday, July 20, 2015


This year has both been absolutely amazing and absolutely awful for me. I'm not one to get very personal online and I rarely ever let you in my head, but today I just wanted to write a little bit about wanderlust. It's an intense desire to travel and explore. You might think 'where is this coming from?'. Well, lately I can't stop thinking about getting away for a little while.

This year I did a lot of things that made me proud, things I thought I'd never do. It didn't always go easy and I lost some things, and unfortunately, people in the process.
It's sad to say but I've cried as least as much as I have laughed this year.
I've never been one to run away from problems, but why always make life so difficult? It's not necessary at all. 


Though I can't complain about my life - I lead a very blessed life - I'm longing to escape, even just for a little while. Meeting new people, seeing new places and just letting everything overwhelm and surprise me (in a good way). I think it'll be good for me as a person
I haven't travelled a lot in the short span of my life, but I wouldn't say no if I got more opportunities to explore more often. 
"Do more of what makes you happy", they say. I think travelling is what makes me happy. I'm very blessed and I'm happy to be able to travel. In September I'll be visiting Barcelona and I'm looking forward to it! I'm leaving with two amazing girls who have supported me during whatever was going on and I can't wait to just enjoy and chill out with them for a little while. (Of course I will blog about my adventures!)

 I leave a little piece of my heart everywhere I go and my soul blooms when I meet people from all over the world.
I'm a very happy girl and I'm eternally grateful for the opportunities I get and the experiences I get when I travel with friends.

Yeah I just wanted to get that out there... This ending sure is awkward.
Tell me your travelling stories!  
Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me get this out there!

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