Thursday, August 7, 2014

HUGE MAC Cosmetics haul!

Hello everyone!
Today I'm back with a huge MAC haul! Last Friday I celebrated my 18th birthday and on Monday I had a little get together with friends. A few of them gave me a giftcard from MAC. I couldn't be more excited!
Today I went to the MAC store and I got a couple of items that I liked!

The first thing that I got was a palette that could hold 15 colours. I filled it up with seven colours (you can see them above). I got "Paradisco", "Star Violet", "Cranberry", "Deep Truth", "Satin Taupe", "Espresso" and "Trumptuous Olive".

All the MAC eyeshadows that I own now
I also got a liquid concealer in NW 20. I'm normally a NC 20 but they didn't have it in stock so the make-up artist gave me this one instead!

When I went to check out, I saw these mini MAC pigments. I decided I wanted to try one! I got one called "Rose", which is a pigment with pink and gold. It's absolutely stunning! I think I'll be wearing this one often, it's a real eye catcher!

Et voilà, c'est ça!
I'm for sure really excited about my new products and I'm really happy my friends got me such a lovely present.
Thanks again to my friends for getting me this, and thanks to you guys for reading!

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  1. Loving your posts & pics ,
    your blogging has evolved beautifully throughout the weeks
    & those things are just WOW


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