Monday, August 11, 2014

Bookreview: "Pandemonium" by Lauren Oliver

Hello everyone!

As you all know, i’ve had a lot of time to catch up on my reading this month. Here I am with another bookreview! This time I will review “Pandemonium”, which is the second book in the “Delirium” series by Lauren Oliver.


In the previous book, “Delirium”, Lena was “infected”. She got “delirium amoris”, which basically means she fell in love. The only problem is that it isn't allowed in her society! She crosses the border of Portland with Alex and tries to live a free life. It's a life with little food and constant watching over the shoulders, but it's a life where love is allowed.

In this second book, Lena loses Alex, the guy she left everything behind for, the guy that "infected" her with love.
Not only does she lose Alex, she also gets kidnapped while on a mission, along with a very important teenager in the Delirium Free society. 
After a while, it turns out that this teenager is not who she thought he would be and they actually grow to like each other.
But then Lena discovers Alex didn't die while trying to cross the border...

I loved this book, it's even more cruel than the first one but it's explained so well that I actually can understand why everything happens.
The details have been thought through and the storyline just keeps getting better. I am falling in love with this book. I hope the next one is just as good!

I'll for sure check out more of Lauren Oliver's work! 

Thanks for reading!

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