Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekly Diary

Hello everyone!
 It's Sunday again! I hope you're all enjoying a nice, relaxing day! 

This week has been really short for me. I only had three days of school, followed by four days of "weekend"! :) 
What did I do with all that time? I'll tell you now! 


First of all, I got a ton of letters this week! Sometimes I get nothing for a while, sometimes I get a lot all at once. This week, I got a lot! I also went shopping for new stickers, pens and more!

The next few days, I worked a lot. I got to wait tables with German, French, English and Dutch people. They were all mixed up and even though switching languages was a bit confusing at first, I loved it so much! 

Of course, I also worked for school, because my final exams are coming up. I'm starting on Wednesday with History and I won't be finished until the 19th of June. This is so weird. In less than a month, I am going to be a graduate (hopefully).

A few good guidelines....

And the next few weeks, I will be working my ass off. I hope I will see some result!

Have a lovely day!

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