Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bookreview: The Iron Fey series part 3: The Iron Queen

Hello everyone!
Happy Tuesday! Today I have another bookreview for you! I read the third part in the "The Iron Fey" series called "The Iron Queen, and of course, I have some thoughts to share with you!

If you have read my previous bookreviews on this series, you will know that it's about a girl called Meghan Chase, who finds out she's the daughter of a Fey ( a magical creature).
She finds out she has certain powers and in the first two books she battels the Iron Fey. Basically, Iron Fey are the exact same thing as normal Fey, but they're made out of iron, which killes normal Fey.
The more the Iron Fey population grows, the more the world of the normal Fey disappears.

In this book, she has to battle the Iron Fey once again. They are now coming to kill every other Fey because they are ruled by a truely evil king.
Meghan decides to put a stop to it. She is half Fey, but she's also half human, because of that iron doesn't influence her. She takes her best friend and her boyfriend with her. They both can't resist the iron, so they are in a hurry.
Along the way they have to face new dangers and fights everyday, but they also get unexpected help. In the end they do find a way to fix things, but it changes all of their lives.

I was a little bored when I felt a new war coming, I mean, the second book had a war too and I was hoping it wouldn't be thesame all over again. It quite honestly took me some time to read through it because whenever I saw the book on my desk I'd be like: "No, I'm not into this fighting thing".
However, I read through it.
The ending surprised me a lot. It SHOCKED me! I never saw it coming, after all that they have been through you'd think they have a little bit of a happy ending, but no!

I am certainly looking forward to reading the fourth - and last - book in the series. I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!
I sure hope things will be right again between Ash (boyfriend), Meghan and Puck (best friend).

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!

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