Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Everyday Fall make-up look 2017

Fall is coming and even though I'm not one to like the rain or the winds, I am really excited about the make-up and the fashion that comes along with the fall months.
In summer, dressing up is easy. Pretty much anything will do: floral, dresses skirts, any type of shorts...
In fall and winter, I feel like you have to try a little harder, but you really get the chance to take it away and express yourself completely.

It's also a make-up thing. In fall and winter, I feel you're more challenged to go darker and to try new things. I, for one, wouldn't wear a brown or purple lip in summer. In fall or winter, I would.

My current make-up look for fall 2017 consists of mainly orange and copper tones. This eye make-up is created mainly with my Morphe 350 palette, which is a beautiful, fall appropriate palette. It has sold out a couple of times and I really can't say that I'm surprised. Who wouldn't want a beauty like this?

You can watch this tutorial by clicking the video below. If you decide to go check out my Youtube channel, make sure to subscribe. It'd be some nice support!

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