Friday, September 29, 2017

Travel Diary: Malaga - part 1

Goodmorning everyone! I'm back off my plane from Malaga and ready to go for it again. I took a three-day vacation to the south of Spain and although it was short, it was very nice.

I love going on citytrips because it's an inexpensive way to see a few nice parts of the world (and I get homesick quickly).
Today I'm going to show you what I saw when I went on my trip to Malaga. 

The first thing we did was a segway tour. We really recommend you to do this if you ever go to Malaga. For €45, you can do a two hour tour around Malaga and the most important places, which is so much fun. It's a lot different than a hop on hop off bus tour. This morning, it was just my boyfriend and I who were planned in for a tour, so we got an alternative route - great!


At night we went to a couple of rooftop bars and had some great drinks. The view was so beautiful! Just look at the skyline and the Malaga eye!

Another spot we were absolutely crazy about was the little market. Fresh fish, meat and veggies every single day. Local markets are my favourite places to visit; it's different, it's a nice way to meet locals,...
We went into the market every day on our way to the breakfast place every morning.

More travelnews will be online soon! 

Thanks for reading! Have a good one!

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