Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NYX eyeshadow quads - part 1

Hi guys! The birthday gifts haven't stopped coming. Most of my friends and family got me make-up (because duh!).
Today I'm going to show you some NYX quads that I got from my dad. He got me some of the items that he knows I can't get my hands on easily. Here's the part 1 (and yes, there will be part 2 for sure because I have been spoiled)!

The  eyeshadow quads are really easy because you have everything you need right there and there's a couple different looks you can experiment with. The first quad I got is a little more neutral and wearable. It's called "Take over control".

The swatches of this quad are really good. I'm happy that both the lighter and darker colours have enough pigmentation. A lot of of times when you get a quad or a palette, those colours are typically the colours that don't show up as well so this is a nice surprise. 

 The second palette is a palette that draws more attention for sure, mainly because of the teal eyeshadow inside.

These colours too, are very well pigmented. Look at that blue and how it pops!

I'm very excited and have a couple of looks coming up for you! Make sure to check back! 
I'll see you then!

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