Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why so Sirius?! - Part 1

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Today's post is a little bit different. As you might know, if you read this blog once in a while, I'm in college. I'm studying English and history and I absolutely love it. Our English teacher is a little bit weird, but he's such a nice person. He can teach really well but he also makes it interesting. I like coming to class. I've often said that if there were more teacher like him around, the kind where you can see the passion in their eyes, everybody'd like to go to school.

For our English oral exam, he challenged us. He had us think of a talent, and link that talent to British culture. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, you can't just make up a talent, so I decided I'd write a little piece. Writing is something I love, and aside from the blog, I don't do it often enough!
And because I like to review books on here as well, I decided I'd post my own short story as well. The way I linked it to culture is that I just took three ideas from writers and created a kind of "spin off".
I hope you like it!
If you enjoyed this post, let me know! I'll be putting out more content later!

A soft wind whispered past him. He swore he had been in a forest a minute ago. Now he was standing in front of a small pond.
The water flowed softly down the rocks, coloured grey in the light of a constant moon. As the water echoed in his mind, he forgot there had ever been a forest and wandered further.
Even though he had no idea where he was, it didn’t really matter. Everything here looked so magical, so out of this world, he didn’t think of how he was going to get back to the forest.
The moon had turned everything grey and for a minute he stood there, trying to imagine how breathtaking it would look in colour.

As Sirius looked around, he noticed a deer on the other side of the pond. The creature looked so majestic, so innocent. His lips curled into a smile. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could just stay here? Suddenly he felt so calm. For a minute, it seemed like there was no wrong in the world. There was  no evil. There was only this moment, the beauty, the inner peace that he had been looking for for such a long time. Maybe his rough journey was meant to end like this. Maybe life would get better now.
Sirius looked up to the sky and saw a thousand stars. They were shining bright and there were so many of them. Not like the ones you saw where the Muggles live. Slowly Sirius sat down in the soft, moist grass. A few seconds later, he found himself laying down in the grass, humming a peaceful melody. He couldn’t remember all the words to the song, but he knew it was a song filled with positivity.

Sirius took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. After a few minutes, he felt something on the back of his right hand. His heart started beating fast and loud, but he demanded himself to stay calm. He opened his eyes to see what could possibly interrupt his moment of rest, and found the deer by his side.
It looked at him with eyes so bright and beautiful, unlike anything that he had ever seen before. All this, he thought, was a reason to believe in the good again. Pure and unconditional love, magic, family. If he could keep this feeling, he might even be able build a whole new life for himself.
Sirius decided to close his eyes again. He felt the deer licking his hand again but didn’t panic, after all, this beautiful animal was harmless.

Its tiny hoof brushed the palm of his hand. It stroked across the skin, barely touching it until his hand felt numb and formless. Sirius smiled, his mind went blank. The deer came closer, breathing warm wet air upon his face. It calmed itself until its breath matched his. Then it gave him a soft lick. Sirius didn’t how much time passed. It also didn’t matter.

Sirius heard the sound of a giggle in the woods. Playful and childish, it danced along the trees singing a soft rhyme. He didn’t know the words. It occurred to him that no man had ever known them. Yet he knew exactly what they meant. He saw mountains, rising and decaying through the ages. Rivers bursting through rock like veins through flesh. Bodies hanged in trees to rot and be forgotten. The rhyme went on, each word a more disturbing image than the last. Until he was left with the image of a snake, silent and smooth, but oh so deadly. Then he lost control of his body.

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  1. I can't find words that are good enough to say: "this is pure beauty and a joy to read"


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