Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Redhead once again!

I express myself in a lot of different ways. I express myself by writing, but also in the way I dress or how I do my make-up. I even express myself through my hair!

I've been changing my look a lot recently. I like to reinvent myself sometimes and that's exactly what I did again this summer.
I dyed my blonde hair darker in April, making it ombré.
Last week I chopped most of the ombre off and got a shorter hairdo but then I realised that brown looks a bit boring on me and I'd rather have a more vibrant colour. So I dyed it red again!
It actually came out a little brighter than I expected, but that's okay!


I've had about every single hair colour right now. I recently came across Madison Reed's hair dye advisor. Their advisor will help you figure out what dye is best for you.
It's a little extra from me to you; just in case you've never tried another hair colour before or you don't want to risk walking around with a hair colour that doesn't suit you. Click here to go to the website and explore!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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