Thursday, January 4, 2018

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #6

Goodmorning everyone! 
For the last time, I'm taking you with me to Lisbon. The very last day of my trip I went to Belem. This is not so far away from the citycenter of Lisbon if you go by car or train. Belem is very well known for their pastries, as you will see in a little bit.

It's also the place where you can discover the most about the Portugese explorers and see the Portugese presidential house - which is pink!

One of the first things we went to visit was the place where they make the Pasteis de Belem. People wait in front of the stores to get in all through the day. You can not only buy a couple of pastries if you'd like, you can also see how they are made. Nobody knows the full recipe, everyone knows a little bit and they do thesame job every single day - so they can never figure out the recipe and go to the competition.

So yummy!

Wouldn't you think you're in San Fransisco?

The tower of Belem! So gorgeous! It's completely surrounded by water and there were so many fun details and stories!

One of them is of an elephant. Portugese people loved elephants because they thought they were really big, great, strong animals.
One day, the Portugese explorers got a rhinoceros as a gift. All of Portugal, even the rest of the world, had never seen anything like it.
 What were they going to do with it? Not slay it to eat, first, they were going to let it fight. 
They put the two animals in front of each other and as soon as the rhino started walking, the elephant ran off - after that, they didn't like the elephant as much anymore.

This trip was lovely - it really was a unique experience going away on my own (very scary but turned out to be a- okay!) 
This is the end of my Lisbon Travel Diaries.
I hope you enjoyed sharing this experience with me! 

See you soon!

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