Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 RECAP!

Goodmorning! Happy 2018!
I won't be doing New Year's resolutions but I will take you back through last year and share how my 2017 went! 

I turned 21 this year!

2017 was really the year of changes for me. It is the year that I started working. I worked at H&M for a while (which is so addictive if you like clothes, I spent so much of my salary on the clothes - ugh) but then I got another offer that I really couldn't refuse.

Last year I got into a relationship as well and things actually went so well that I also moved in with my boyfriend in that year.
This was so much fun, it was such a great adventure! We decorated the whole place ourselves, and found the style that we like for our place together. 

2017 has also been the year of travel. Most of the holidays I've been on has been with my partner and most of them weren't as far away - but that doesn't mean they weren't fun! 
We went to Paris, to Paris again for Disneyland, London and Malaga! 
When we have two (or sometimes three) days off in a week, we like to hop on a plane or a bus and go on a citytrip!


I also traveled solo for the very, very first time! I went to Portugal alone - not because I wanted to but because my boyfriend couldn't get off from work and I didn't want to spend my holidays on the couch, so I packed up my stuff and got on a plane. I thought I would have so much anxiety and would hate every single day but to be fair... I enjoyed it. Sure there were times where I panicked a bit but it is quite the experience, being all by yourself in a place you don't really know for six days.
I got to do a lot of thinking and discovering, very refreshing!

Another thing I love about this year is that I have started to make enough money to splurge on make-up a little bit. I also have a boyfriend who happens to know quite a bit about some make-up brands (he knows which brands I like at Sephora and he knows Fenty Beauty is Rihanna's make-up brand) so this has been really exciting. I've become more active on social media and I'm very hopeful for what's to come!

Even though not everything can always be nice and cute, I hope the biggest part of 2017 was good for you! 
Let me know, thanks for reading!

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