Saturday, July 22, 2017

EOTD: Post #1000!

Goodevening everyone! How have you been doing?
I am so happy to announce that today, I'm writing post number 1000 on this blog! I have spent so much time on this blog and I have learned so much, but the most important thing is that my passion has continued to grow- and still grows every single day.
Also, not to sound too lame, but I also want to thank those of you who read my blog on a daily basis.

This look is created with the I heart Make-Up Dark Chocolate palette. You can click here to read the review on that palette. 
I went for a smokey eye withour a winged eyeliner but with a subtle eyeshadow liner. The eyeshadow shades are red/purple - a bit tricky, but lovely when the look is finished.

Read my review on the rest of the Chocolate palettes here:
*Naked Chocolate palette
*Salted Caramel palette

Thanks again for reading! I hope to still welcome you on the blog when I'm writing my 2000th post.
Have a really great day!

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