Sunday, April 3, 2016

Comparing: MAC's Dark Side vs. Essence's Très Chic

Goodmorning everyone.
How are you doing? I'm so excited about this post day! As you might have seen a couple of days ago I got a new lipstick by Essence called "Très Chic". 
When I saw it in the store, I immediately fell in love. I was very surprised that Essence had a shade like this and didn't quite understand how I'd never seen it before. I mean, I love "Diva" by MAC as much as the next person, but cheaper dupes are always welcome.

Currently, I don't have my Diva lipstick anymore (I used it all up), but I do have the MAC dupe which is called "Dark Side".  I decided put these lipsticks side by side and was once again pleasantly surprised!


It's a shame the lighting is a bit off in the picture above, but you can tell the shades are very, VERY similar.

Let's start with the Essence lipstick. This one retails for €2.39, which isn't a lot.


If you want to, you can read my full in depth review on this Essence lipstick by clicking the link here. Basically I thought the colour pay off was good. The lipstick stays on for about four/five hours (without eating). I like the texture, it's quite smooth to apply. It does dry out my lips a little bit though, I can feel it getting dry throughout the day.

On to the MAC lipstick. This one is called "Dark Side" and it retails for €19.50. Quite a bit more than the previous one, but MAC is famous worldwide for good quality and so it's normal that you have a to pay a bit more. The question of today, however, is if it really is better than the one Essence can also provide us with. If you want to, you can read my in depth review on this lipstick here.

This lipstick is typically what we're used to: good pigmentation, nice texture (gets a little dry during the day), stays on for a good few hours, I mean, I really can't complain!

Just to show you how much these lipsticks look alike, both in colour and in quality, I decided to use both of them on my lips.
I used MAC "Dark side" for the bottom lip and my Essence "Très Chic" lipstick for the upper. Can you tell the difference? I can't.

Essence really blew me away with this one. I think we can say that this lipstick is (almost) an exact MAC dupe.
If you're looking for a dupe, "Très Chic" by Essence is the lipstick you need.

Have a nice day! 

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  1. I love these colours, they are so pretty

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