Monday, January 18, 2016

Manicure Monday: Masked ball

Happy Monday everyone! 
Remember the limited edition nailpolishes that I got from Essence a couple of weeks ago? I got two shades of purple and the lightest one, which I already tried in my review, really surprised me (in a good way).

 I hadn't tried the darkest colour, called "A masked ball", and I was really excited. So last night, I used this nailpolish to do my nails with.
I applied two layers.

I wish the nailpolish looked a little more purple because now it just looks like a really dark grey/black-ish nailpolish, which is not what I was expecting but it's okay.
Everything else is just like it should be, good quality, good coverage, nice texture. I like it! 

Thanks for reading! 
Have a good day!

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