Thursday, January 14, 2016

2B glitter eyeliner review

Last December I had a day off from work and I was looking up Christmas and New Year's Eve make-up tutorials online.
It was so warm outside, the sun was shining and I just didn't feel in the Christmas spirit because of that. However, I thought that make-up looks could probably turn my mood around.

I did indeed find a few amazing make-up tutorials (those YouTubers really are the best!), and most of them included glitter eyeliner. My next problem occured! Even though I'm a huge make-up and beauty fan, I don't have any glitter liner! 


I went out to the drugstore and looked for glitter eyeliner, but I couldn't find ANYTHING. Just when I was about to give up, my eye caught the make-up section of 2B. Yes, they did have glitter eyeliner! They had gold, dark blue, black/silver, and I believe purple too. Even though I was looking for gold, I also bought the blue glittery eyeliner.


Here are two swatches! 
I think the gold is maybe a little bit too yellow, but it's not that big of a deal.


I love how this eyeliner looks and of course I wore it on New Year's Eve! I do have two remarks about this eyeliner. You have to put quite some time into getting this glitter eyeliner to show up very well on your eyelids. It takes a couple of different strokes to get it on there. 
The second thing that bothers me a little is that this eyeliner burns a little when you first apply it.
Aside from those two things, I have no complaints.

Below is a very basic look using three eyeliners: my regular black one, and my two glittery ones.
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