Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Balm Voyage!

I'm a huge  fan of The Balm. I think it's an amazing make-up brand with fun products and amazing, creative packaging.
This week I treated myself to a bigger palette in their collection called "Balm Voyage", which is obviously the funnier version of "Bon Voyage" ("have a good trip" in French). This palette contains 16 different eyeshadow colours.

Look at the packaging! As you know, I'm a huge pin-up fan and this palette just blows my mind! So, so pretty! 

The eyeshadows are named after seats in a plane. (A4-D4,...). Aside from the 16 eyeshadows, there are also three lip colours.
I think it's very cute that everything in the palette is themed! So gorgeous!

Let's take a look at the swatches! 

The first four, and darkest colours in the palette are absolutely gorgeous! They are insanely pigmented! 

The next four eyeshadows are well pigmented as well, two of them are a bit chalky, so I think I will have some fall out when I use this palette.

I was very surprised to see how pigmented the lightest eyeshadow colours are! Most of the time, lighter colours in palettes are less pigmented, but as you can see these light colours are well pigmented. Better than I expected.

I'm very excited about this palette! I will for sure use it often! I like the pigmentation and texture of these eyeshadows, but also how different all the colours in this palette are! 
I will have a lot more looks online soon! Thanks for reading!

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