Friday, September 4, 2015

Wet 'n Wild make-up palettes!

Back when I was in high school and started to experiment with make-up, I used to look up neutral make-up tutorials to wear to school.
I very often saw Wet 'n Wild products in the tutorials but I couldn't find them in the stores (they weren't available in Belgium) and ordering online wasn't really something I was allowed to do back then.


Recently I was actually in the store looking for scented candles when I saw these Wet 'n Wild make-up palettes underneath another big stack of make-up. I got three palettes.

The palettes look pretty basic. Black plastic, see through material. Six eyeshadow colours, three on each side. This palette also comes with two tiny make-up brushes.


Let's take a look at the palettes! 


This first palette is called "Vanity". I like the colours, they all suit my eye colour and skintone very well! This is for sure a palette that I will use on a daily basis!
The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is rather good! Some of them look a little crumbly but overall, not bad! 

The second palette, called "Lust" is a gorgeous palette with pink and purple toned colours.
Gorgeous colours, great pigmentation! Again, a little crumbly. 


The third palette is a palette with some really dark colours and some really light colours. I can think of both neutral and very out of the box looks with this palette.
The pigmetnation of the lighter colours could have been a bit bigger, but the dark colours are well pigmented.

I'm quite happy with these palettes. Keep checking the blog for make-up looks created with these palettes! 

Thanks for reading!

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