Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why so Sirius?! - Part 3

Hello everyone! 
Last month I decided to share one of my stories with you because...well, because I'm actually pretty proud of this short story and I thought my blog could use a little more "variety".
I have uploaded part one and two before, and I'm hoping you're still interested in part three! This is the last part.
Let me know what you think! 

Suddenly, the sound stopped. Sirius opened his eyes again. He was still sitting in the corner of the room. Nothing had changed. Sigh.
A small flash. It happened so fast that Sirius didn’t even see it. A lovely looking  young lady came up to Sirius. Where did she come from? Sirius looked around again. There were no doors! She just appeared, out of nowhere.
“Hi”, she whispered. She reached out her hand. Even though Sirius doubted, he took her hand and let her help him. “Who are you?”
“It doesn’t matter”, she said. Her voice sounded so soft and sweet, and her eyes were the most gorgeous eyes on the entire planet, yet something about her felt a little strange. This whole adventure felt strange. Sirius was convined. The only logical explanation for all of this was that he was losing his mind.

Sirius crawled to the closest corner, keeping an eye on the lady. The lady remained as if frozen in time, smiling. Time passed, Sirius could no longer tell how much time exactly; it could have been seconds, maybe years. The young lady moved her foot forward. Sirius screamed and told her to stay back. The young lady listened. She seemed confused and tilted her head like a dog does when it has no idea of the wishes of its master. The young lady sighed and sat down at the spot. 

“Do you not wish for me to help you, Sirius?” the young lady said. Sirius remained silent. His eyes looked around the room, from the blue stones, to the blue corners, to the blue ceiling. “You can always remain here, if that is what you want.” “No! Anything but that!” Sirius had shot forward. His arm was stretched out, barely touching her face. He didn’t remember himself doing that, but at this point he was too obsessed with the young lady to care. The young lady took his hand. It was shaking uncontrollably. She let it slide along her cheek and kissed it. Her lips were soft and pleasantly warm.
“Then you must trust me, Sirius. You do not belong here. Something went terribly wrong. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I simply know something must be wrong! You are so scared, but really, you shouldn’t be.
 I know exactly what to do, I know where you belong, if only you would trust me.” 

“Where I belong…” Sirius saw his cousin. By now he must have been seven. A young magician, all alone in the world. Sirius’ doubt began to leave him. His hand had stopped shaking. The young lady let go of his hand and leaned in closer. Sirius was convinced the young lady would kiss him but she simply brushed through his hair and looked him in his eyes.      
 “Do you trust me?” “I do.” The answer seemed so natural. “Then close your eyes.” He closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was back at the pond with the deer and the horrible rhyme from the woods.

Sirius screamed, slamming his hands against his head, weeping and pulling his hair, begging whoever could hear him to make it stop, until a whisper entered his ears. In front of him stood the young lady, smiling. “What is this? What did you do?”
The young lady giggled. “My dearest Sirius Black, as I said, I put you where you belong.” A silence.                                                                                                                                                                        “And where is that?”
“Why, nowhere of course.”

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