Saturday, September 26, 2015

Travelling: Barcelona ~ La Boqueria

Hello everyone! 
Get ready because I'm taking you on a trip today! I went to Barcelona about a week ago and I absolutely loved it! They say writers and bloggers never really go on vacation because they're always thinking about how they can use this in their writing and it's true, I've been thinking of writing blogposts about Barcelona before I even got there! I thought it'd be fun to show you all the amazing things I have seen and been to! 


Today I'll show you La Boqueria, which is a beautiful market. It's so colourful and so beautiful. Every inch of this market is stuffed with different kinds of food such as juices, fish, meat and candy. A lot of people - especially tourists like myself - visit it everyday. 

The people who have shops in La Boqueria must be such hard workers! It made me really happy to see how much effort the people from La Boqueria put in their work. That's real passion!  I'll just be quiet now and let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading today! I hope you enjoyed and I will have more travel posts online soon!

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