Monday, June 22, 2015

OOTD: Navy

Happy Monday! 


I'm back with another outfit of the day! This one was snapped by a new friend of mine (we met through a mutual friend). He liked the outfit I was wearing while I was on a studydate with our mutual friend and decided to take some pictures.

The weather outside was so nice. It was very hot, almost too hot to handle if it wasn't for the soft breeze.
I had a really good day that day, met a lot of people and had a lot of fun! Oh, and as for the studying - we ended up doing that as well and we both passed the exam!

The bathing suit that I'm wearing is one that I got at New Look last year. It has such a rockabilly/pin-up feel to it, I love it!
The high waisted shorts, which I was happy to pull out of the back of my closet, are by H&M. I wore them with the cutest sandals by New Look.

I ended up having a great time and I love the pictures! Some of them were taken without me knowing which worked out pretty well, I'm not really used to that, I normally make a really weird faces when I'm talking but this time, I actually looked normal.

Have you been able to enjoy the weather? Don't forget to go outside to enjoy the sun for a minute!
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