Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fall make-up look ♥

I tried something new. I'm not a big fan of change, but sometimes I try something new. That's exactly what I did with this make-up look. I decided to make it a little darker and a little more wintery/smokey than I normally would.

It might not seem that dark at all in the pictures, but just remember that my pictures are taken in front of a huge window, so it's normal for my make-up to look a little bit lighter.


As always, I used some of my favourite shades by MAC for this make-up look. "Texture", an orange toned eyeshadow that I normally never use on my eyelid but I did today. I really like the results too! It's a little darker, but hey, it's December, we're allowed to wear a little bit of dark make-up sometimes.

In my crease I used "Bronze", followed by "Espresso" and just a little bit of black eyeshadow from my MUA "Undress me too" eyeshadow palette.
As usual I did my signature eyeliner! The liquid eyeliner and the mascara I like to use are by Essence.

Do you like this look? Would you wear it?

Have a good day!


  1. love this eyeliner!

  2. beautiful make up look...I would wear it for sure!



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