Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outfit Details!

Hello everyone! 
Whenever I'm wearing an outfit, every once in a while I like to take detail pictures of that outfit. Those pictures just make me really happy, I don't know why but I love taking them and looking at them. I think it's fun when you have nice details in your outfit and I love it even more when people notice it.
So I decided my short collection of the outfit details that I have.

I got an umbrella from H&M on my birthday (yes, a present to myself) because I loved the bow detailing on it so much! Very cute, don't you think?
Zebra shoes! I once got these in Canterbury (on a school trip). I really love zebra print and I thought it would be funny. I wore them again last week. My best friend actually has thesame shoes, but with leopard print. Sometimes we wear those shoes together! Pretty funny! I'll insert a picture below
So this is the picture! I'm wearing zebra, she's wearing the leopard shoes. I realize that this picture is bad quality. It was taken last school year with my phone (I didn't have my camera back then!)

Studs! I actually did an outfit post on this sweater. Check it out!

Yes, I'm wearing a pink jacket this winter!


  1. The umbrella is super cute dear! And yes I also love to pay attention to the details of my outfit 'cause they can elevate your look!!

  2. How many nice details!!!

  3. I'm a huge lover of details too. It just gives that little bit extra to your outfit. I'm definitely loving the umbrella, and your winter coat: I LOVE DUFFEL COATS!!

    - Nesrine

  4. Great post, honey!

    Lots of love



  5. love all this pics!!
    the baG girl

  6. great shots sweetie , i love the details of your clothing ,
    am following you now , hope you will follow back .



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