Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kérastase Christalliste Shampoo + Conditioner Review!

Hello everyone! Only a few days back I recieved my November Deauty box (click here to go to my unboxing post). There were 7 products in this box and a lot of them looked lovely and got my attention! I decided to try them out right away and then write reviews on every product, like I promised in that unboxing post.
So one of the first items I opened and tried were the Kérastase Christalliste Luminous Perfecting Shampoo for long hair (80 ml), and the Luminous Perfecting Conditioner for dry lengths or ends (75 ml).

The packaging, to begin with, was adorable! The two products are in pink packaging. Cute!
Also, I love shapes of this packaging, might sound weird, but it would fit in my makeup bag and if I was going on a trip, I'd like this. Oh, speaking about trips, on the back of my shampoo, I saw a little airplane with "OK" on it, so you could take it on the plane if you wanted to. Same with the conditioner.
The scent of this shampoo was a little bit different than what I'm used to. This isn't bad. I love really girly, floral scents. Some of the scents that I love are a bit overwelming to other people. This shampoo smells amazing, it smells fresh and lovely. I can't really describe it, since I'm not good at explaining scents, but I really like it,  it's just a little less "overwelming" than my other products. Again, this is not a bad thing.

On to the conditioner!
Again, the scent is lovely, not too overwelming, just right.
You have to make sure your hair isn't too wet and then apply it to the dry ends of your hair. Can I just quickly say that I love Deauty for putting this in the box? After all, in winter, we all have damaged and dry ends because of putting hair in knots or because of wearing scarfs.
Anyways, I immediately noticed that this conditioner wasn't as soft as other conditioners I own. The ones that I use most of the time are very soft and make your hair feel silky, but I didn't get the feeling with this one. Maybe I didn't use enough?
I'm not sure. I will continue to use this and see if it works, the first time was a bit of a let down but I could have always done something wrong.
I'll let you know if my opinion about this conditioner changes, but for now I'm still a bit doubting.


  1. Useful post!Thank for share ;)

  2. Nice! I adore the Kerastase products. They are really the best ones on the market for hair. When I use the shampoo I don't have to use conditioner afterwards. Thanks for the review!

  3. I love the Kerastase products! i follow you!, if you watn follow me, these is my blog!

  4. so cute!

  5. i have many products of this brand , i love itt


  6. thanks for the review, i plan to buy it too..


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