Monday, November 26, 2012

All I want for Christmas : make-up, hair, outfit!

Hello everyone!
I thought it would be fun to do a little post with a bunch of makeup, hair and outfit ideas for Christmas. After all, this holiday is very loved by many many people and everyone always wants to look their best! I know we're going to have to wait another month for this lovely day to come, but ah, inspiration can never come too early!
I'm looking forward to it very much, that's why I couldn't stop myself! I wanted to write a post about it already! Here I just show you some ideas. I might actually do a second or even third post on this next month. I'll be in exams so I'm not sure how many I'll be able to make, but I'll do my best to get some more ideas up before Christmas is here. (Also, I haven't had the time to photograph all my ideas!)

A few makeup looks that I'd wear: 

I think it's obvious this look isn't made by me. I got this picture from Tumblr. I haven't worn my makeup this extreme ever, but maybe if you're going to a party or if you just want a cute smokey eye look, you could try this out. Also, you could just do this and skip the eyeliner. You could do a million things with it!

Look with the purple Essence palette called "XOXO"! Festive! You could make this look darker if you wanted too! I just kept it as neutral as possible in this post because I was wearing this look to school!

Outfits that I'd wear:
I really love dresses so I'd go for a dress, but you don't have to if you don't feel like it. I love wearing little black dresses because you can never go wrong with them, or I like to add colorful details to my outfit. I do have some other outfit ideas but a few of them aren't photographed yet so I'd like to put another post up. Of course, I'll show more outfits in that post!

Hairdo's I would wear:

If you've read the page "me", you'll probably know that I love pin up girls and everything that comes with it: the style, the makeup, the hair, the fashion, EVERYTHING. I personally really enjoy doing faux pin-up bengs, of course, when wearing them to school I get nasty comments, because, let's face it: (some) people can't feel confident unless they try to bring others down. I don't really care. I really love the look of this. I think it could also be very chique if you wanted to wear it to a formal occasion. Obviously it's not for everybody, but I do like this look.
PS this picture was taken about two months ago, back when I had brown hair. Now I'm a redhead!

I really love curls as well. I think curls look very feminine and beautiful, and I spend about an hour or so trying to get the perfect curled hair before going to a party or formal occasion! It really something that a lot of women like to do with their hair and it looks cute!

Nail art ideas:

I blogged about this before! Caviar nails!
I thought they were so cute! Of course you probably won't be able to keep them intact for a whole week, but I think for this one day it would be fun to wear!

Let me know if you like this post and if you'd like to see one or more posts about these subjects!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice ideas!


  3. Like your ideas. Soon I'll be publishing christmas looks on my blog. Step by, you'll like it ;)

  4. so cuuuteee :)

  5. Loooove the caviar nails! So glam and pretty!

  6. Gorgeous holiday colours! I'm definitely liking the nail idea with the sprinkles. :)

    crystal dots.

  7. LOve the eyeliner!

  8. This is such a great post! I really love that manicure and make-up.

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  9. Love everything. I used to wear my hair & Make-up like this all the time until I cut my hair off..missed my Victory rolls so much Im growing it out again:)

    Sara xx Following your awesome blog doll

  10. I like so much first make up!

  11. Hey, I did a blogpost about caviar nails how you can do it on a cheap way, maybe an idea for christmas?

  12. I would love the Ciate nail kit so much! Great eye make up look too by the way :)
    G xo


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