Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fall make-up trends ❤️

Happy Tuesday to all of you! 
The seasons are changing again, so we're bound to adapt. It's the time to go home early and cuddle up to your loved ones. Time to put away those white sneakers you've been rocking all summer and getting out your favourite boots to protect you from changing weather.
Layering, finally being able to wear your favourite scarf again or stealing all of the attention with your new berry lipstick.

On this fine Tuesday I'm making an attempt to help you adapt to the newest make-up trends - because yes - those are changing too! Let's have a look!

Fall eyes!

After all the 'no make-up' make-up looks, this fall, you can pick up your brushes and get busy again. Pack on that eyeshadow, get creative with eyeliner,... 


Make it pop, that's the message for this fall. Metallics can be so beautiful and vibrant, a great eyecatcher. Use of colours and lots of mascara? Not a bad thing this fall. It's all about the eyes! PS it's even hot to put mascara on your lower lashes this time of year! 

Oranges and reds! 

When I go to work, I have to walk through the shopping streets. Take a peek inside the stores when you pass by. Oranges and reds are completely hot! Not only for clothes, but for make-up as well! 
Stand out!

The oh-so-popular Morphe palette with tons of orange shades. Click here for a review ànd a tutorial!
Click here to read my review on this gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.


What more can I say?

Current favourite highlighter: My Fenty Beauty "TrophyWife"

Berry lips

Another trend is the berry/dark lips. I feel like this is one we have seen in the years before, but it's still hot! 

My all time favourite berry colours are two similar shades by MAC. Click here for my review on both and click here for my comparison to a cheaper brand!
I hope all of you are enjoying the fall season! Be kind to each other and I'll see you very soon! 
Have a good one!

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