Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Benefit Ka-brow review ♥

Goodmorning everyone and happy Tuesday! I know the Monday blues are supposed to be over, but just for the heck of it, let's talk about insecurities. It's okay, I'll go first!

Ever since I was a young girl, I've always had doubts and insecurities about my eyebrows.
I used to try and trim them myself which didn't always work out great and ever since it's been a bit of a problem. They aren't even, they're too big, they're too thin - there's always something wrong.

Over the years I have tried a couple of brands which I really like and I've mostly kept on using those products.
I've heard a lot about the "ka-brow" eyebrow gel by Benefit and, even though I don't like to experiment when it comes to my brown, decided I would give it a try.

Let's start off with the packaging. I am very impressed by the packaging of this Benefit product - well, I'm pretty much always impressed by Benefit - I just don't know how they keep doing it.

This tiny brow products includes a little brush. It comes out of the packaging and I just think it's so clever. I love having the brush with my product. I used to have seperate brushes for my brows but when you're only half awake, not being able to find your brow brush might make your heart pump a little faster. Good to know you're still alive, not so good for your brows!


This is what the product looks like. I got a lighter colour than my hair colour, because I like my brows to be lighter.
The product is just the right colour - which makes my brows look natural. Not like I've just packed on a crazy amount of dark brown eyeshadow.
I feel like the tiny brush comes in handy and I can never lose it because it's part of my packaging. 

This product feels like a gel eyeliner but, I don't know if this is because maybe my product was opened before at the counter, the texture is quite dry. 
It's still possible to apply it on your brows (I wet the brush a little) but of course it would be easier if the gel was a little more creamy. It does give the desired effect though!

This is what my brows look like after I've used my Ka-brow by Benifit! Not bad is it?


Do you do your brows? Which products do you use?

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