Monday, November 14, 2016

Manicure Monday: Plump Power!

First impressions are the most important of them all.
Its something you only get to do once and people will judge you on that first impression rightaway. It really does last.
For women, its not just about being well mannered, but about appearance as well. Of course everyone wants to look good, but there are certain things that people pay (extra) attention to. One of the things I noticed other people and myself pay tons of attention to, are nails.

When I see a good manicure on somone, it will automatically put me in a better mood. Not because I'm superficial, I just think its special if you want to put extra effort into looking that little bit better. After all, the details can be the most important. When I do my nails, I just feel that little bit extra confident, more feminine. It just shows that you care about your appearance and that you have self-respect, which is something that I think make women so attractive.

All of this, just to show you the newest nailpolish I got and have been wearing during this slightly colder period of time.
Enter "Plump power", a deep purple nailpolish that I got from Essence (aka my favourite nailpolish brand in the world).
So gorgeous, so sophisticated and as always - very easy to apply and maintain! 

What do you think of this nailpolish? 
Have a great day! 

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