Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fresh spring day make-up look

Hey guys! How are you doing?
These last few days have been quite warm and sunny, which made me very happy! I came up with a bright, fresh make-up look today.
This make-up look contains greens and some silver, not something that I would normally do, but I thought it didn't look that bad. I used my The Balm "Balm Voyage" palette and my MAC palette using "Steamy" and "Plumage". I also used my Wet 'n Wild "Greed" palette for a neutral crease colour. You can click the links to read reviews on each seperate product.

Here are the pictures!
I also recorded a video, but I have yet to decide if I like the quality enough to put it on YouTube! For now, let me know what you think of this look!

Thanks for reading!

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