Friday, October 26, 2012

October Book Buys - part two!

Remember a few days ago when I told you about some new books I got?
Well, I love hanging out at my bookstore and recently I found a book about Marilyn Monroe. Now I'm a huge fan of hers, so I couldn't just let it slip. I got this book, along with two other books and a few days later, I got two other new books!
It's getting a lot colder and soon I'm going to need something to get my busy, which is one of the resons why I buy books. Some people think it's stupid, some people don't think it is...

Okay so the first book I got is a book about Marilyn Monroe, it's the "50 years after her death edition" and it comes with a DVD.
The second book I got is called "Deeper than the dead" by Tami Hoag, I'm super excited to read it because she's a # 1 New York Times bestseller author. Also, this book was only $5 so I thought "why not"?
The third book is written by David Hewson and it's called "The Seventh Sacrament", just like the other one this is a thriller!
The fourth one is called "Everything and nothing", written by Araminta Hall. On the cover there's a quote from the Sunday Times. It says "a mixture of Mary Poppins and Stephen King", so it should be pretty good. This is Araminta's debut book!
The last book is called "Late nights on air" by Elizabeth Hay. Most of the books I got because they were dystopian themed books or thrillers. I'm really loving them lately!
There will be a bookreview on each and every book!

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