Saturday, October 20, 2012

Deauty Box- Unboxing October Edition !

About a month ago I heard about "Deauty" for the first time. Deauty is short for "discover beauty", it's a new Belgian beauty box. You get four to six luxury beauty products every month, most of them are in travel size, but you could also get a full size product.
Enthousiastic as I was, I decided to order on for October and yesterday, I finally got it! I was super excited to see what's in the box, so I thought writing about it would be interesting.

This is how the box looks when you first open it. Classy and black. I love the picture of the bird holding a mirror. So beautiful.
All the products! There were six items in this edition! PS the lighting wasn't very well but it was already pretty dark when I got home.

First product: Kiehl's lipbalm #1 (15 ml)
Second product: a mascara by L'oréal Paris! I just needed a new one! YAY!

The third product was a black eyeliner pencil, again by L'oréal Paris. I stopped using eyeliner pencils because some of the irritated my eyes, but I've never tried one by L'oréal Paris, so I'm excited to see if it'll work good!

Biotherm Blue Theraphy serum. This is anti-aging. Not that I need it because I'm a teenager but oh well, I have it now, I might as well use it!
Shu Uemura 'art of hair' Essence Absolute Nourishing Protective Oil. This is for dry hair! Can't wait to try this!

Biotherm cleansing gel.
That's all that was in the box. For their second edition, I think they picked awesome products! I can't wait to try them out and I already ordered my Deauty box for November!

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