Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our new apartment ❤

Goodmorning everyone! Time for some lifestyle today!
I think it's been a couple of months since I've told you that I would move into a new apartment with my boyfriend.
We have worked our butts of to get everything done and I can finally say that we are ready to show it to the world!

Because you are a big part of my world, I wouldn't have found it fair to keep this from you so.... here are some pictures of our new place.

Our apartment is mostly white and beige, but the dinner table and the many plants that we have break that a little bit.
We chose green chairs to match all the plants we have and make the place look less like a clinic. Colourful flowers spice up our space.

Our bookcase is divided into a part of books and a part of special gins and other drinks. One of my passions and one of my boyfriend's passion (collecting special gins). We also have a couple of candles and pictures of ourselves in the bookcase, and two christal souvenirs from Disneyland.
Our favourite part of the house: the bathroom with a rainshower and a glass wall! We feel like we live in a hotel!
There are some things that I decided not to take photos of, for example our seperate rooms (I have a dressing and my boyfriend has a 'mancave'-) and our main bedroom. Just because some things need to be kept private. I hope (and think) you'll understand.

I hope you enjoyed this more personal update! See you soon!


  1. Very Nice , the colours Will come when all those books arriveren ������

  2. Proficiat met jouw nieuw appartement :)


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