Sunday, April 23, 2017

Revolution Flawless palette ♥

Ever since I've lived at my boyfriend's place, I've only had one make-up palette at hand. I've been creating looks using my beloved Urban Decay Naked palette. Being the make-up addict that I am, I saw the opportunity to get a second one, after all, using thesame palette for two months can get a bit boring.
I went to the store and to my surprise almost immediately found a palette that I liked. This palette is the Revolution "Flawless" palette.

The packaging of this palette is very shiny and very gold. The 32 eyeshadows inside the make-up palette are also shiny (for the most part) and most of them are warm-toned as well.

The next pictures are two close-ups of the palette. I like this palette a lot because it has both warm and cool tones, light and dark shades, shimmery eyeshadows and mattes.

This palette is gorgeous, I can assure you, but it also needs to be good quality. Below you can see one of the looks I have created using this palette. This look was made using the cranberry and purple shades in this palette. I don't go for pink and purple very often, but when I do, I like to make it dramatic.
I was very surprised by the quality of the eyeshadows. The lighter shades do need some building up, but the darker shades (even the matte ones) have good pigmentation.
I was very surprised by how the shimmery colours popped on my eyes. I also didn't get any fall out, which is always pleasant!


Here are a few full face pictures! I'm very happy with the look and the palette. I think it's a good deal, you get 32 very nice eyeshadows in a drugstore palette that has a lot of variety. Keep reading for more!

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