Friday, December 9, 2016

Maybelline "Nude Embrace" lipstick review

Nude has been trending for some time now. I'm 100% for a nude look when it comes to eye make-up, but nude lipstick has never really been my thing.
I walk into a beauty store, get a nude lipstick and I will absolutely love it. But the minute I come home, I fall back out of love with it.
Nude not being your shade is absolutely okay, but stubborn as I am, I decided to give it one last chance before finally giving up.

I spent a good hour (or maybe two) at the drugstore and came home with a Maybelline lippy called "Nude Embrace". The colour doesn't look too exciting but it is a nude so it's not supposed to stand out that much.


Here's what the lipstick looks like. Below you can also find a swatch.

I like the swatch of this lipstick a lot. You can really see how pigmented it is. 
After all these years I finally found a nude that I like! Below you can find a before and after picture. The lipstick applies very well and is very pigmented, however it does feel a little dry after a while. I do really like this one though, it's just a matter of moisturizing your lips before and after applying this lipstick.
I also don't like to apply too much, because that will make you look a little sick. This lipstick is also gorgeous with some lipgloss on top of it!

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