Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cheap Party Palettes: Swatches

Hello everyone!
Yes, a bit of a late post today, I went shopping again haha! I got some stuff for family and friends and a few christmasy things for myself. At first I wanted to buy a Christmas tree for my room but I ended up getting some other Christmas stuff. Can you believe we're only three days away from Christmas? Woah it doesn't feel like Christmas at all!
I also got beauty and fashion items.
I can't wait to make outfit posts and makeup looks with everything I got!

I already made swatches of a few makeup palettes I got. I got this from action, which is a store that has almost everything for a very low price. I wanted to test their makeup because I know not everyone can afford high end brands, and since I'm a beauty blogger, I kind of have to give every makeup brand a chance. So here are the makeup palettes that I got today:

I got three different colours: brown, black and blue. Those were the only three you could get and I like wearing all of them so...

The eyeshadows are pretty big,  I feel like you could use them for quite a while. They also come with an applicator. The packaging is pretty simple.

So now it's time for the swatches! Well holy moly! All of the colours are only ONE wipe! Can you believe it? I love the pigmentation of these palettes! That's really great!

I do really think that this is a very affordable palette. The pigmentation is great and you can choose between three palettes (or you can get them all three, like I did.)

The yellow colour on the right is a little bit harder to see....

I will be doing makeup looks on these very soon and I'll review them in thesame post! I'm really excited!


  1. I love these colurs!

  2. These are fabulous colors!! You are making me spend a lot of money, I see your makeup and then I go on a makeup binge :) but I like it ;)

  3. Nice colors!



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